No Fees - No Hassle.


Are you looking at selling your Monaco or Prime Central London real estate?

If we like what we see and we think our clients will be equally impressed, we will purchase your property, subject to price.

This means for you, no agency fees and you don't have to deal with the risk of selling to an unknown purchaser.


Our team in Monaco or London will deal with you and your legal representatives swiftly, for an uncomplicated sale.

If you are looking at selling your property, we make the process smooth and less complicated but we expect the property to be at the “right price”.


In exchange there is no waiting for settlement, no mortgage approval, we act swiftly to ensure a quick settlement.


We don't buy every property we see, the real estate must be “right” and something that the company would be happy to hold for the medium term and in particular something that our clients, whom have high expectations, would be prepared to purchase.

If your prestige property has what it takes to meet our criteria, please contact us for a confidential discussion.