In Monaco and London, you require different legal representation.
The Property Trader only select the best.

We have a network of handpicked international Notaires (for Monaco) and handpicked Lawyers (for London), who are all independent and retained, to take care of all legal aspects of your property transaction.


Remember regardless of our introduction Notaires / Lawyers only act for you and not The Property Trader - they are required by law to protect your interests.

Our recommended Notaires and Lawyers have all acted previously for our clients.

The preferred Monaco Notaire has an existing relationship of over 10 years standing and our recommended London lawyers has dealt with over 300 client transactions.

They both have specific country knowledge, with Monaco multilingual, and are retained to help our clients complete the entire property transaction, including the handling of client funds.

We do not receive any commission or payment from any recommended legal services.

Whether you are investing in a freehold property in Monaco, or investing in a buy-to-let in London, you are in the hands of the very best legal representation when dealing with The Property Trader.

Legal Services