The most important step in securing your overseas property, is to ensure you have the correct level of funding, in advance of any purchase.


We all know this is not as simple as taking out a loan or mortgage at your local High Street bank.

Lenders in this environment are applying more in-depth scrutiny than ever, when seeking assurances that overseas purchases and vendors are legally compliant.


For example, lenders will now only deal with certain Notaires and Panel Lawyers. If you have the wrong legal representation, your approval / funding may be withdrawn at the last minute. Lenders prefer to deal with trustworthy, reliable vendors experienced in the procurement of sound overseas property and if your vendor is not legally compliant, funding may also be withdrawn at the last minute.

These are just a few examples of how any inexperienced purchasers fail to complete overseas transactions jeopardizing their deposit.


We can help!


We know the pitfalls. With decades of experience in helping clients settle investment property all over the world. We have established long term relationships with a number of private banks in Monaco whom wish to lend money on Prime Monaco real estate to credit worthy individuals. We also have a number of well-known High Street Banks in London that also wish to lend money on Prime Central London real estate to creditworthy individuals.

With our involvement we can significantly increase the likelihood of you being approved by any one of these lenders and ensure a smooth settlement without any surprises.


We do not receive any commission or payment from any recommended lender.

We introduce our clients to our hard earned network at no cost so that our clients can purchase a property from The Property Trader with LVR up to 80% and cost of funds from only 1.8% per annum.


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